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Manhattan Blogs / Manhattan Websites - About Manhattan Buzz

Aug 23, 2008 at 01:11 pm by mikewood

nyc blogs - About gotham buzz nyc websites

Manhattan Buzz - Websites About Manhattan

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Editor & Publisher - mwood [at]

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We request that you send your info or request to only one of the email addresses, as at present, they are all directed into one.

Choosing the right email box will make sure you end up with the right person / section of the site as we add staff.

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 4782
Sunnyside, NY 11104



One Of The Leading Manhattan Websites

Manhattan Buzz .com started development on the concept in 2012 and opened the test of the first version of the Manhattan web magazine in July of 2013 under the name Midtown Buzz. 

Throughout 2013 the company refined the Manhattan blog concept and business model by talking to residents and merchants in the Manhattan market.  During this time the company also had a lot of site configuration, design and debugging issues to address. In March of 2014, the company transitioned the site to its current design, and began operating one of Manhattan's first full scale websites as Manhattan Buzz .com.  And in early April of 2014 the company began testing and selling advertisements on the site to reach the Manhattan market - specifically from Tribeca to the Upper East Side and all points in between. In December 2014 the site was renamed Gotham Buzz .com and later renamed Manhattan in 2016.

Two Missions: Promote Manhattan / Help Shopkeepers

The Manhattan Buzz .com’s missions are two fold: 1) to make it as easy as possible for residents and non-residents to learn more about and find things in Manhattan and 2) to help the Manhattan business community use the local web more effectively as a part of their sales, service and marketing efforts.

#1. Promoting Manhattan As A Diverse Cultural Mecca

With respect to the first mission, the goal is to help publicize Manhattan's eclectic mix of cultural events - ranging from modern art & sculpture, to pop culture, club music, club comedy, farmers markets, street fairs, ethnic festivals, traditional ethnic events, as well as modern dance and theater. We believe we can help preserve Manhattan's diversity by increasing residents' awareness, attendance and support of all the wondrous cultural events surrounding them.

We help by providing a monthly events calendar and including maps showing the locations of the events and organizations that sponsor them. We also include transit directions, contact information and links to relevant stories when we have them, as well as information about surrounding restaurants and shops. As an aside we also provide daily weather, horoscopes, news and sports.

#2. Help Shopkeepers Develop Audience Awareness & Interest

With respect to the second mission, our goal is to help shopkeepers attract local residents and workers to their stores by increasing their awareness of what's available in Manhattan by expanding local shops web presence. The Manhattan Buzz helps local shopkeepers by providing a web presence through which local shopkeepers can deliver their messages quickly, conveniently and inexpensively via the internet. Shopkeepers can increase audience awareness of about their merchandise and services, provide store maps and contact information, and make announcements about new or clearance inventory, special events and sales.

The web may also be used to strengthen shopkeeper's relationships and understanding of their customers through increased communication with them. This would involve the use of forums, site mail and email.

Manhattan Buzz Delivers Value

The Most Cost Effective Way To Reach A Large, Fast Growing, Local Audience

The Manhattan Buzz audience is different than most of the existing media in the Manhattan market today. The Manhattan Buzz attracts some of the audience using other Manhattan websites, as well as some of the audience using Manhattan's newspapers. While the Manhattan Buzz attracts a wide variety of online Manhattan residents, many of our viewers have an above average education and above average incomes. The Manhattan Buzz's advertisers messages are displayed in a relevant local content environment that includes carefully written stories and numerous photographs of Manhattan cultural events, local organizations, as well as neighborhood restaurants and shops. The people who work, play, eat and shop within the Manhattan borough will find stories and information relevant to them online at one of the borough's most popular and fastest growing blogs.

The Manhattan Buzz is unique in being able to offer a web presence at an affordable rate of $200 / month with a full year commitment. This service enables local shopkeepers to expand their presence on the internet through one of the fastest growing online audiences in Manhattan.

Efficient Cost Structure / Company Staff / Financing

The Manhattan Buzz has one of the leanest new media cost structures in the market. We currently have a full time staff of one and a contract staff of five. The staff size increases and decreases depending on business need which enables us to keep our prices competitive and provide our clients with great value for the money.  We periodically use contract personnel including a web programmer, an illustrator, a database manager, a sales person and a photographer / reporter.  The publisher, who is the only full time staff member, has the skills not just to manage all of the jobs above - but also to do them. He also manages the technical aspects of the site.

The company carries no debt and has been financed by the publisher with the help of his family.

Web Magazines - Manhattan Websites

Publisher's Background & Experience

The following is intended to provide a bit of information about the background and experience of the Manhattan Buzz publisher to provide perspective on who he is and what skills and experience he brings to the business. As noted above, the Manhattan Buzz will soon become one of the leading websites about Manhattan.

Cultural Background

Both of the publisher's parents were educated in the liberal arts. His father was a newspaper publisher, who also worked a second job as a professor at a private liberal arts college. Hence art, theater, music, museums, history and travel were always a part of his life. He studied art and theater from an historical perspective in college. He spent two years abroad on the five major continents learning about other cultures - all of which are well represented in the Manhattan population today. He was the chairperson of a young patron's music group at Lincoln Center NYC in the 1990's. One could say that it was through these experiences that the idea of the Gotham Buzz as a cultural and tourist web magazine was "a long time in the making".

Education / Newspaper Experience

He grew up in small town Wisconsin the son and grandson of small town newspaper publishers.  He studied history in college, and marketing and finance in graduate business school, obtaining both his BA and MBA from the University of Chicago.  He worked for his father’s newspaper for two years in between college and graduate school. It is through the eyes of a newspaperman, that he continues to view web content today.

Media Pricing / Television Experience

After business school he worked for CBS television where he priced commercial time and analyzed television station technology investments.  Google and other search engines currently use pricing models which are very similar to the models used to price television commercial air time. Hence his experience in television commercial spot pricing is relevant to helping clients buy search time today. Analyzing media technology investments provided him with his first real experience of evaluating investments in technology as a competitive advantage.

Marketing / Promotion Experience

From CBS he moved onto Lever Brothers [aka Unilever], which at the time was the largest consumer packaged goods marketer in the world.  There he managed advertising and promotional campaigns for mega million dollar brands like Surf detergent, All detergent, Sunlight dishwashing liquid and Dove dishwashing liquid. Unilever provided him with world-class, hands-on marketing experience.

During his time there, he had an award winning advertising campaign significantly revised because he had found, through research, that the advertising story left no lasting brand message in the mind of the audience. Thus millions of dollars had previously been wasted because the prior managers had been buying airtime for an advertising campaign that didn't provide the company any return on its advertising investment via consumer awareness or response. The relevance today is that he has experience helping clients find messages that will resonate with their targeted audience.

Web Technology / Management Experience

Over the course of the past 15 years he worked for Dun & Bradstreet, the largest information provider in the world. He was a founder in an internet start up called The Second Opinion in the 1990's, and he worked on technology projects at OSI Pharmaceuticals, one of the leading biotechs in the nation. All of these experiences enhanced and evolved his understanding of how to use and manage computer and sofware technology, thus preparing him to envision, design, configure and manage the Queens Buzz website.

Websites About Manhattan NYC

Work on the Manhattan Buzz blog began in 2012 when we started traveling the borough of Manhattan to figure out how to go about building a blog about Manhattan. By July 2013 we opened the Midtown Manhattan Buzz as a website about Manhattan, and over the past few years have continually refined the website and its content, to provide both the audience and our advertisers with an enhanced experience. Today the Manhattan Buzz [renamed in 2016] is one of the more exciting websites about Manhattan with a growing audience and advertising base.

Even after only a year and a half since its conception, it still seems like the Manhattan Buzz has only just begun. Thank you for spending the time to read about the Manhattan Buzz website.

Updated May 2, 2017