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Nobu Restaurant - Japanese Restaurants Tribeca NYC

Sep 12, 2015 at 11:25 pm by mikewood

nobu japanese restaurant tribeca restaurants nyc

Tribeca Japanese Restaurants - Nobu


Scroll Down For Transit & Directions Into & Around The Neighborhood


I. Subways

East Side: North / South

4/5/6 heads south along Lafayette to Centre to Broadway to Brooklyn

Stops along Lafayette include Bleeker, Broadway, Spring and Canal. Along Centre Street the stops include Brooklyn Bridge City Hall. Then along Broadway stops include Fulton, Wall Street, Bowling Green and South Ferry before departing east into Brooklyn.

Be careful not to board an express unless you want to [EXPRESS trains numbers are encircled in RED lights / LOCAL in GREEN lights].

West Side: North / South

1/2/3 from Varick [Varick is 7th Avenue north of Houston]

The 1/2/3 head south along Varick from Houston to Canal to Franklin and then along West Broadway to Chambers. At the Chambers station the subway lines split with the #1 going south to Brooklyn and the #2 & #3 going east and then south in Manhattan; before heading onto Brooklyn.

The 1 heads south with one stop at Cortlandt Place before going directly south and east to Brooklyn.

The 2 & 3 head east along Chambers to Park Place and then south down the east side along William Street to Fulton and then Wall Street before departing east for Brooklyn.

Be careful not to board an express unless you want to [EXPRESS trains numbers are encircled in RED lights / LOCAL in GREEN lights].

Other Subway Lines Traversing SoHo, Tribeca, the Bowery & Downtown - A/B/C/D/E/F/J/M/N/Q/R/Z

  • The A / C / E stop at West 4th Street along 6th Avenue in the Village and head south along 6th Avenue to Spring Street and then Canal Street. They split at the Canal station with the E going south onto the World Trade Center where it terminates. The A & C head down to Chambers at Church Street and then east at Fulton at Nassau Street; before departing east into Brooklyn.
  • The N, Q and R stop at 14th Street at Broadway near Union Square and then travers the Village and stop in SoHo at Prince Street and Broadway. The lines split at the Prince Street station with the N and the Q heading East to Canal at Broadway / Lafayette before heading on into Brooklyn. The R heads south along Broadway to Canal and then City Hall. The R then heads a bit west along Trinity Place stopping at Cortlandt and then Rector, with the last stop in Manhattan at Whitehall at Stone Street before heading east into Brooklyn.
  • The J and Z lines come in from Brooklyn along Delancey Street. They stop at Essex and Bowery along Delancey Street before heading south to Canal Street along Centre Street, as well as a City Hall stop. Then onto Fulton along Nassau Street before terminating at Broad near Wall Street.
  • B and D stop at Broadway / Lafayette along Houston and then make one more stop at Grand / Chrystie Street before heading east to Brooklyn.
  • The F train stops at Broadway / Lafayette along Houston, then at 2nd Avenue on Houston, before heading south to Delancey at Essex and then East Broadway at Rutgers [Essex becomes Rutgers] and then east into Brooklyn.
  • The M stops at 4th Street in the West Village and then stops at Broadway / Lafayette along Houston and then Essex Street at Delancey before heading east to Brooklyn.


II. Crosstown Buses – SoHo, Tribeca, Bowery & Downtown NYC

HOUSTON STREET. There are crosstown buses on Houston. The M21 crosses town on Houston Street beginning in the West Village at Spring Street and Greenwich Street and ending in the East Village / Bowery at Grand Street and the FDR.

DOWNTOWN NYC. There are two other crosstown buses downtown, but not in the same sense as those on Houston Street [and further north in Manhattan] as these two bus lines run diagonally east / west across the southern end of Manhattan.

The M22 line starts near the Hudson River at the south end of North End Avenue, crosses town at Chambers Street to City Hall, circumvents the Brooklyn Bridge by going under it before heading in a north easterly direction along Madison Street (not Ave) and terminating at Grand and Cherry Streets in the Bowery.

The M9 starts further south near the Hudson River at South End Avenue, cuts across town at Warren Street, before heading in a northeasterly direction along Park Row to East Broadway and then due north along Essex Street into the Village along Avenue C.

III. By Car

East Side: FDR Drive – East River Bridges & Tunnel

HOUSTON STREET. There are exits for Houston Street and at Grand Street for the Williamsburg Bridge. To cross the Williamsburg Bridge into Brooklyn you have to go west as far as Clinton and then do U-Turn to access ramp to the Williamsburg Bridge, which crosses the East River into northern Brooklyn.

WILLIAMSBURG BRIDGE. The Williamsburg Bridge is accessible via Delancey Street and the main intersecting north / south streets are Bowery [and Lafayette onto Kenmare which becomes Delancey a few blocks east].

MANHATTAN BRIDGE. Take the South Street / Manhattan Bridge exit. Take the access road [underneath FDR] to the south side of the bridge - go as far west as Clinton and then turn north and then east [essentially a U-Turn] onto Delancey heading east across the bridge.

The Manhattan Bridge is most easily accessible from north via Bowery [3rd & 4th Avenues merge with Bowery a few blocks north of Houston]. Also take Canal Street coming from the west. Chrystie Street is an easy off street coming from Brooklyn.

BROOKLYN BRIDGE. The Brooklyn Bridge is accessible via Park Row from the south and Centre Street from the north by City Hall. That is also where the Manhattan pedestrian crossing of the Brooklyn Bridge begins. Centre Street merges with Cleveland Place which merges with Lafayette Street which runs parallel to Broadway in SoHo and becomes 4th Avenue in the Village before turning into Park Avenue in Midtown and the Upper East Side.

BROOKLYN BATTERY TUNNEL. FDR essentially terminates going under a portion of Battery Park to the west side where you’ll circle back around into the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel and head east into Brooklyn, which leads to the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge to Staten Island. Stay on the right side.

West Side: Highway 9A – Holland & Brooklyn Battery Tunnels

The highway 9A slows considerably this far south in Manhattan and essentially functions like a city street as there are numerous cross streets. There’s an exit at West Houston for the northern end of SoHo.

HOLLAND TUNNEL ACCESS. Not available directly from the West Side Highway. Head south / west on Watts / Varick Street [Varick is 7th Avenue above Houston]. Or use Canal Street to access the Holland Tunnel. On the south side of Canal heading east, you have to do a loop to circle around and head north to cross Canal. Heading from east to west, it's a right side exit. From the FDR take the Grand Street / Williamsburg Bridge exit.

BROOKLYN BATTERY TUNNEL. Accessible via 9A and FDR [see above]. From highway 9A you have to turn left into the Brooklyn Batter Tunnel.

IV. Ferries

Staten Island / Liberty Island / Governor’s Island

You can catch ferries to Staten Island and Governor’s Island at the Whitehall Ferry Terminal on the east end of Battery Park.

You can catch a ferry to Liberty Island on the southeastern end of Battery Park. It’s a short walk west of the Whitehall Terminal and just south of Clinton Castle which was a mid 19th century immigration processing center.

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