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Manhattan Columbus Day Weekend Events - Things to do in Manhattan NYC Columbus Day Weekend

Oct 06, 2018 at 11:18 am by mikewood

columbus day weekend manhattan nyc things to do ues uws midtown east village soho tribeca upper west side upper east side things to do columbus day weekend manhattan nyc

Columbus Day Weekend Manhattan NYC

Things To Do In Manhattan NYC Over The Columbus Day Weekend

things to do labor day weekend manhattan nyc ues uws midtown east village soho tribeca upper west side upper east side things to do labor day weekendSeptember 27, 2022 / Things To Do Manhattan / Manhattan Buzz NYC.

Also see updated Weather on Friday afternoon by clicking the header above to go to the Front Page for Weekend Update.

This report contains a listing of some of the things to do in Manhattan over the Columbus Day Weekend including art museums, theaters, live music / comedy / dance venues, sporting & social events, and restaurants for Manhattan NYC.

Manhattan Weather. As of September 27, 2022, the Temperature highs will be in the high 60's all four days of the long weekend. The temperature lows will be in the low 50's throughout the weekend. There's a chance of a small amount of rain, but the probability of rain as of this writing, is in the low double digits. Winds will be about 5 - 10 mph Friday and Monday and between 5 - 10 mph on all weekend. The Humidity will be between 55% - 70% throughout the weekend. Click for Manhattan Weather.

You can still attend NYC street fairs in Manhattan, go bicycling in Manhattan, play soccer & other games in Manhattan NYC parks, go shopping in Manhattan locales including Midtown, the Upper West & East Sides & the Village, attend Manhattan parades, watch theater, visit the NYC art museums, and eat out at one of the Manhattan restaurants NYC.

And we provide an update on the Friday of Columbus Day Weekend with things to do on the front page of this site.


Columbus Day Events In Manhattan

Click the header on this page on Friday 10/7/22 to obtain information about things to do Columbus Day Weekend in Manhattan NYC.

Columbus Day Parade - Upper East Side Manhattan

There's a Columbus Day Parade on the Upper East Side on Monday 10/10/22. The Manhattan Columbus Day Parade begins at 12 noon on Fifth Avenue at 44th Street and marching up to 72nd Street along the Upper East Side. Check the front page of this website for other things to do over the Columbus Day Weekend in Manhattan.

manhattan things to do labor day weekend manhattan nyc

Manhattan Public & Private Parks & Public Indoor Swimming Pools

Manhattan has one of number of public parks of which a few include indoor swimming facilities. Click here for a listing of the Manhattan Parks NYC including maps showing their locations along with a bit of park history.

NYC public indoor swimming pools are open.


NYC Golfing In Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx, Brooklyn & Staten Island

Manhattan doesn't have any golf courses per se, but there is a driving range at 62 Chelsea Piers at 22nd Street and the West Side Highway.

There are also three simulated golfing centers in Manhattan that operate under the Five Iron Golf name at 22 Stone Street [at Broad St] in the Financial District, at 138 5th Avenue in the Flatiron District and in the Continental on the third floor at 883 6th Avenue near Macy's and Madison Square Garden.

Queens has four golf courses and all of them are open this weekend. Click here for details about Queens Golf Courses including maps and links to the operators' websites.

The Bronx has four public golf courses: Mosholu, Van Cortlandt Park are accessible via the MTA / subway. And Pelham Bay Park and Trump golf links are accessible via subway and a brief bus ride. The Trump Golf Links are an NYC golf course owned by the city, for which Mayor Bloomberg had cut a licensing deal with Donald Trump to rename and manage it. Since the Capitol Riot / Insurrection, the City has decided to terminate that deal and rename the golf course, but Trump is suing to keep the contract.

Brooklyn has a couple of golf courses including Dyker Beach golf course which is accessible via subway and Marine Park golf course which is accessible via subway and bus.

And Staten Island has three beautiful golf courses including: Silver Lake which is only a few miles from the St. George Ferry, LaTourette Park which isn't far from the Staten Island Mall in the central / western part of Staten Island and the South Shore Golf Course which much further south of the Staten Island Mall, along the west coast of Staten Island.

Click here for things to do Columbus Day Weekend in Manhattan.

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Columbus Day Weekend In Manhattan NYC

Things To Do In NYC & Manhattan Over The Columbus Day Weekend

September 27, 2022 / Things To Do Manhattan / Manhattan Buzz NYC.

things to do manhattan nyc columbus day weekend nyc

Art Exhibits In Manhattan & NYC - Columbus Day Weekend

Click here to view some of the in-progress art exhibits in Manhattan this Columbus Day weekend. There are too many museums to showcase in this short space, but here are a few that are clustered along the Upper East and Upper West Sides.

Along the Upper East Side NYC, between 74th and Central Park North [equivalent to 110th Street] there's, The African Center [museum of African culture & diaspora], the Museum of the City of New York, El Museo del Barrio [Latino & Puerto Rican culture and diaspora], The Jewish Museum, the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design, Guggenheim Museum, The Metropolitan Museum of Art and The Frick Collection are all located along Fifth Avenue between 70th Street and 96th Street.

Along the Upper West Side there's the New York Historical Society, the American Museum of Natural History and the Planetarium - all of which are located along Central Park West between 75th and 85th Streets.

In Midtown there's the Museum of Modern Art.

In the photo to your right is one of the sculpture galleries in the Frick Museum at 70th Street and Fifth Avenue along Central Park East.


Dance, Theater & Music In Manhattan & NYC - Columbus Day Weekend

columbus day weekend things to do manhattan nycClick here to view the Theatre section of the Manhattan Events Calendar to see what's doing this Columbus Day weekend theater in Manhattan NYC.

Just north of Columbus Circle, Lincoln Center is the home of many wonderful musical and dance performances. At the north end of the Upper West Side is Columbia University which largely operates in its own world, but hosts many cultural events and some are also available to the public.

Carnegie Hall is located on 57th Street and home to many classical musical performances. The Theatre District center is at 42nd Street and Broadway, where you can fan out in directions north and then east or west and find many theaters that almost always have a production going.

And further downtown in Midtown south, Chelsea and the Village there are many of the modern musical and theatrical venues. You need only browse along and off of the main streets to find something interesting.

An example of an interesting venue is shown in the photo to your right, where the Neville Dance Theatre Company is performing at the Alvin Ailey Dance Studios in west Midtown NYC.

Street Fairs Columbus Day Weekend In Manhattan

On Columbus Day Weekend in Manhattan there are a number of street fairs planned along the Upper East Side, Upper West Side, Midtown, manhattan columbus day weekend things to do shopping manhattan nyc midtown upper east side village shopping nycthe West Village and East Village. Click here to view the Columbus Day Weekend Street Fairs in Manhattan, including dates, times and map links.

Shopping In Manhattan & NYC

This is a great weekend to do a bit of shopping during the pleasant weather days of the weekend. Click here to view our shopping sections of the following neighborhoods: Upper East Side NYC Shopping, Midtown Shopping and coming soon - shopping in the Village NYC & Upper West Side NYC Shopping.

Each of these shopping sections includes, or will include, links to home pages, which have slide shows of merchandise as well as maps, store hours, phone numbers and telephone numbers.

In the photo at right is one of the brand name stores located in the heart of Midtown.


Bicycling In Manhattan & NYCmanhattan bike shops things to do manhattan nyc

Manhattan has a long and growing list of bike paths. Click here to view a report about bike laws in NYC so you can ride safely. There's a program called Citi Bikes, which allows you to rent a bike using your credit card. Where ever you find bike racks filled with blue bicycles - take a closer look and it's probably a Citi Bike rack and you can rent a bike from there and return it to any of their racks around NYC.

I'm working on a useable map of bike trails in Manhattan, but it'll be a while so don't hold your breath. usually has a good one on their website. In the photo to your right are the 5 Boro Bike Riders cruising through the Upper East Side NYC on their way to the Queensboro Bridge.


Kyaking Along The East River In Manhattan & NYC

There are a couple of kyaking clubs that operate in the NYC Metro area. Generally they will provide free use of kyaks or charge only a nominal fee. Kyaking can be found along the Hudson River on the west side in the high 70's as well as at other locations further north and south.

Do a search for kyaking in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx and you'll find more detailed info.

At a later date we'll return here to update this with our own findings. So the update is that there are a couple of Piers where folks can launch and return in a kyak including 1) Pier 95 which is at West 55th Street 2) Pier 84 at West 44th Street and 3) Pier 40 at West Houston Street - all along the West Side Highway / Hudson River. I believe there are community groups that do some events, but at present - likely due to the CoVid pandemic - they seem to be lying low.


things to do manhattan restaurants nyc

Dining In Manhattan & NYC

Food in Manhattan has always been good. The variety of restaurant choices is difficult to match anywhere, and if you look carefully, you can find good food at reasonable prices too.

Click here to view the Manhattan Restaurants NYC section of the site, which includes reviews of the restaurants we've selected to review. As of this writing, we've identified some of our old favorites, but haven't done the deep dive yet.

Things To Do Columbus Day Weekend Manhattan - Upper West Side NYC

Click here for things to do on the Upper West Side NYC.

And if you feel the urge to go elsewhere, here's a list of and Things to do Manhattan Columbus Day Weekend and Queens Things To Do Columbus Day Weekend and Things to do Bronx Columbus Day Weekend and Brooklyn Things To Do Columbus Day Weekend and Staten Island Things To Do Columbus Day Weekend. More events will be added to the Front Pages of each of these sites on Friday.

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