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Manhattan Lawyers and Dentists & Chiropractors near Midtown Manhattan NYC

Nov 07, 2022 at 12:15 am by mikewood


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Manhattan Professional Services NYC

Realtors, Real Estate Lawyers, Dentists, Doctors & Chiropractors in Manhattan NYC

March 2017 / Manhattan Lawyers and Dentists & Chiropractors near Midtown NYC  / Manhattan Buzz NYC.  

This section is dedicated to covering Manhattan real estate lawyers, Manhattan dentists and Manhattan chiropractors.

Click here to view reports on Manhattan real estate lawyers and dentists & chiropractors near Midtown Manhattan.

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Midtown Dentists NYC

We found a dentists' office that is only one subway stop away from Midtown NYC. It's Hunters Point (HP) Dental Services which is located in Long Island City just off the #7 Vernon/Jackson subway stop. Their tagline is Manhattan Dentists at Queens prices. Both dentists in the office have Manhattan dental school degrees and they own the office in Long Island City which supports their ability to maintain competitive dentist rates. They also accept many insurance plans and also work with a company that makes loans to patients for dental procedures. Click here to view the website of Hunters Point Dental Services - dentists (near) Midtown NYC.

Real Estate Lawyers - Upper East Side NYC

Barbara Pryor is a real estate lawyer in NYC & Queens. While she works out of an office in Queens, she also lives in Manhattan and handles NYC, Midtown & Upper East Side real estate transactions.

Click the link above for additional information about Barbara Pryor, who is a Manhattan real estate attorney practicing in NYC.

Midtown Chiropractors NYC

So while we were in Long Island City, we walked down Vernon Blvd and came upon LIC Chiropractic. This is a chiropractic office near Midtown run by two chiropractors. They take a holistic approach to health, which includes not just spinal and skeletal adjustments, but also exercise and nutrition. Click here to view the website of LIC Chiropractors - chiropractors (near) Midtown NYC.

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Midtown Dentists and Midtown Chiropractors