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Oct 15, 2008 at 03:56 pm by mikewood

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You must be 18 years of age or older or must have the consent of your parents or guardian. You must act responsibly and be respectful.

Minors are not allowed to create an ID without parental permission and oversight. Parents who grant permission to their children to create a Manhattan Buzz ID, accept full responsibility for their children's activities and behavior as it relates to

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1. ID Set Up

Avoid spaces or special characters in creating an ID or you will receive an error message after you submit it. Use letters and numbers only, and be sure the ID is at least eight characters long.

2. ID Email Address Confirmation

After you complete and submit the registration form, go to the email box you submitted in the registration to confirm the address.

If you do not find an email from in the 'In Box' of your email within a normal, fairly short period of time, check your bulk or spam folder to be sure it did not end up there [depends on one's settings].

If there still isn't any confirmation you might want to try again, or call us at 718.476.3601, during normal business hours which are Monday through Saturday 9 am - 6 pm.

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Upon confirmation return to the and log in along the left side bar in the Community area by clicking on the 'My Home Page' link. Upon logging in you will end up back on the front page. Click back into 'My Home Page' to access the user functions such as the Blog or click into Members Calendar to begin submitting your event.

Note that the Log In link located in the site header provides access to many functions, but not to the home page functions. Hence, we recommend always logging in via My Home Page along the left sidebar, but be advised that occasionaly you may have to log in / out twice.

4. Home Computer Tip

Check the box to recognize your home computer to avoid having to log in each session. But remember that whoever has access to your home computer will then also have access to your Manhattan Buzz ID.

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