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Upper East Side Shops & UES Shopping Manhattan NYC

Nov 07, 2022 at 12:15 am by mikewood


nyc things to do manhattan brooklyn queens bronx staten island things to do events nyc

UES Upper East Side Shops & Shopping

December 2017 / Upper East Side Neighborhood / Manhattan Shops & Shopping / Manhattan Buzz NYC.

The Upper East Side of Manhattan in NYC has some of the finest shopping street in NYC, including Madison Avenue and Lexington Avenue. This section contains maps, a shopping center that links to many advertiser home pages and stories about what you'll find in some of the Upper East Side unique and exclusive stores.

Click here to enter the Upper East Side Shops & Shopping UES section of the site.

shopping upper east side shops madison ave shopping lexington ues

shopping upper east side shops ues


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Greek Food In Manhattan NYC

Titan Foods Has Been Importing Greek Foods Into Manhattan NYC For Decades

Food Stores in Manhattan NYC / Manhattan Buzz NYC.  

Astoria has long been known as the Greek section of Queens and NYC. And for nearly 30 years Titan Foods has been serving the Greek section of Queens and NYC with imported Greek food. In 1991 Optima Foods, which is owned by the same folks as Titan, began operating as a mid sized importer and since that time has grown to become one of the leading distributors of Greek food along the eastern seaboard of the United States.

Click this link to read the full story about Titan Foods - Greek food stores in Manhattan NYC.


Organic Food & Organic Food Stores In NYC

All Natural Foods - Buying Organic Foods In NYC

new york city organic food nyc organic food manhattanManhattan Neighborhoods / Food Shopping Manhattan NYC / Manhattan Buzz NYC.


I’ve been doing research on local organic / all natural food for some time. I recently had the opportunity to interview an "organic insider", Metin Mangut who is one of the managing partners of a local supermarket which is an organic / all natural food store in Long Island City. Metin shared with me some of his insights into the changing landscape of organic, all natural and conventional foods.


In this report we'll delve into some of the issues and purchase strategies for buying from organic food stores / organic foods in NYC and pretty much anywhere.


Choosing Florists For Wedding Flowers In Manhattan & NYC

Wedding Flowers, Bridal Bouquets, Boutonnieres, Banquet Table Flowers In Midtown Manhattan

Manhattan Neighborhoods / Shopping Manhattan / Manhattan Buzz NYC.

As any Manhattan mother will tell you, planning wedding florists manhattan midtown upper east nyc florists wedding flowersyour wedding isn’t an easy project. There are a mind-boggling number of details. And given your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, great effort goes into making sure that every last detail is perfect.

Wedding flowers play an important role in the aesthetics of your wedding as they garnish the visual background of the event and present a lasting visual remembrance in the minds and hearts of your family and friends. The Manhattan bride’s personal sense style are on display on her wedding day. The style reveals itself in the color of the bridesmaid dresses and and couture of the bridal gown, as well as through the ambient beauty of the decorative wedding floral arrangements chosen to decorate the wedding ceremony, wedding hall and wedding feast.

Click here to learn more about what to look for when choosing wedding flowers / wedding florists in Midtown Manhattan & Upper East Side NYC.


Manhattan Men's Clothing For All Seasons

Men's Fashions In NYC - A Short Subway Ride From Midtown Manhattan & The Upper East Side NYC

Shopping Manhattan / Manhattan Buzz NYC.

I recently stopped in to visit Frank Adhami the owner and manager of Esquire Men's Clothing Store to get the buzz on what’s happening in men’s designer clothing for the summer and fall. 

Frank and Esquire have been selling men’s designer clothing on Steinway Street in Astoria dating back to 1982.  Esquire started carrying the Canali brand of men’s suits as early as 1984, when the Canali brand was just making inroads into the American market.  And Esquire has introduced many other European designers into the Astoria, Queens market since then, such as Hugo Boss in 1990, Versace in 1994 and Burberry in 2003.

Click here to read the rest of our report on shopping for men's clothing in NYC near Midtown Manhattan & the Upper East Side.


Holiday Sales Upper East Side & Manhattan

Upper East Side Shops & Shopping - Unique Shops & Store Holiday Sales UES Manhattan

shopping ues upper east side nyc shopping holiday salesUpdated December 5, 2015 / Upper East Side Neighborhood / Shopping Upper East Side / Manhattan Buzz NYC.

The hallowed Black Friday has passed as we have assembled this outline of unique shops and shopping along the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

One of the great joys of visiting NYC is its breadth and depth of shopping venues. One can find inexpensive authentic ethnic cuisine and imported goods from around the world in the outer boroughs like Queens, and the world's finest haute cuisine, fashion, art and furniture in Manhattan. This report will focus on the options for Manhattan shopping on the Upper East Side UES in NYC, but also includes shopping venues on the Upper West Side, Midtown and the East Village.

First, let me say that this is not intended to be a comprehensive guide, but rather an introduction to a number of shops I have visited over the years and found to be either a bit unique and / or staffed by someone who's knowledgeable or personable.

Click here for a report, including photos, descriptions, maps and contact links for shopping the Upper East Side UES of Manhattan, as well as shopping holiday sales on the Upper West Side UWS, Midtown NYC, the East Village & Bowery shops.

Bastille Day On The Upper East Side NYC

Alliance Francais Hosts Three Block Street Party

east side neighborhood nycJuly 14, 2015 / East Side Neighborhood NYC / Manhattan Restaurants / Manhattan Buzz NYC.

I was feeling very revolutionary Sunday afternoon as I made my way to the Bastille Day Street Festival hosted by the Alliance Francais on 60th Street. They were hosting a [long] three block party that stretched from Central Park souteast at Fifth Avenue across Madison and Park to Lexington Avenue from 12 noon until 5 pm.

It had rained a bit that day which probably worked to the street farers' advantage as, while it was crowded, it was also very easy to move around and not so hot that one was 'glistening' throughout the afternoon.

The 60th Street blocks contain a number of fancy establishments, including the quiet, but well known, Metropolitan Club of which J. Pierrepont Morgan was once a member.

The vendors offered a variety of food, beverages, travel opportunities to places like Monaco and the French islands of Martinique, along with wine, cheeses, spices, some clothing, soaps, perfumes, jewelry and art. I think one of the things that separates this street fair from many others is that it generally stuck to the theme of all things French and hence had the effect of leaving me walk away with a little bit of feeling like I had taken a time-warp trip to Paris and back in the course of the afternoon.

Au revoir mon ami. Je voudrais voir vous bientot. A slide show with photos will follow later this summer.

Click here to view the Midtown professional services page.

Farmers Markets & Street Fairs in Manhattan

manhattan street fairs Spring 2016 / Manhattan Farmers Markets / Manhattan Street Fairs / Manhattan Buzz NYC.

Many Manhattan farmers markets are open year round, but there are also a number of them that are seasonal. Some of the seasonal Manhattan farmers markets begin opening in the Spring, with the rest of them opening no later than the first couple of weeks in July. Click here to view the schedules of many of the farmers markets in Manhattan.

Manhattan street fairs are entirely seasonal, with some of them hitting the streets as early as March. Manhattan street fairs rise markedly during the spring and lighten up during the dog days of summer [July / August], returning in the fall. By the end of November the Manhattan street fairs go on hiatus, with a few returning as early as March, increasing in April and coming enmasses begining in May. Click here to view a full schedule of Manhattan street fairs.

Dennis Basso - Upper East Side NYC Shops

East Side Neighborhood NYC / Manhattan Restaurants / Manhattan Buzz NYC.

furniture stores in midtown village nyc abc carpets

Dennis Basso is located along Madison Avenue along the Upper East Side of Manhattan.


They provide high quality fashion clothing and accessories.



Madison Avenue Shops - Olive & Bette's on the Upper East Side

East Side Neighborhood NYC / Manhattan Restaurants / Manhattan Buzz NYC.

modern design furniture nyc midtown

Olive & Bettes is located along Madison Avenue along the Upper East Side of Manhattan.


They provide high quality fashion clothing and accessories.



Bottega Venetta - Upper East Side - Madison Ave Shopping

East Side Neighborhood NYC / Manhattan Restaurants / Manhattan Buzz NYC.

bookstores in nyc bookstores in the village gramercy park midtown bookstores

Bottega Venetta is located along Madison Avenue along the Upper East Side of Manhattan.


They provide high quality fashion clothing and accessories.



Tom Ford - Upper East Side NYC

East Side Neighborhood NYC / Manhattan Restaurants / Manhattan Buzz NYC.

24 hour diners in nyc 24 hour diners in midtown gramercy park village nyc 24 hour diners

Tom Ford is located along Madison Ave.


They provide high quality fashion clothing and accessories for both men and women.



More coming later.

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Shopping In Manhattan NYC - Shops

Shopping Midtown, Madison Ave, Upper East Side, Upper West Side, East Village, West Village Shops in Manhattan NYC

May 2022 / Shops & Shopping Manhattan / Manhattan Buzz NYC. 

This section includes stories about many of the interesting shops in Manhattan.

Click here to go to the Manhattan Shops & Shopping section of the site.

Upper East Side NYC - Manhattan Related Info

Click this link for promotions, discounts and coupons in Manhattan.

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